Stop Dreaming Start Action: Joko Susilo's Phenomenal Blog Contest

Monday, August 24, 2009

Stop Dreaming Start Action Blog Contest
In the past few months, Indonesian blogging world has rang with a variety of contests, ranging from just a review contests to an SEO contest. In those contests which was well received by Indonesian bloggers, there is a contest that I think most prominent, Stop Dreaming Start Action, hosted by the most famous Internet businessman in Indonesia, Joko Susilo ST.

Popularity of Stop Dreaming Start Action blog contest other than the rewards that I think is the biggest than other similar contests, also caused by the initiators of this contest is a netter who was so controversial in Indonesia.

Joko Susilo who have been success with eBook products of Automatic Money Machine System / Sistem Mesin Uang Otomatis (SMUO) and the Blogging Secret / Rahasia Blogging, by some is considered as a seller who is marketing waste product and has no benefits and educational value.

According to my personal opinion, it seems inappropriate and unfair if we categorize or even judge Joko Susilo as a fraud and deceiver. I have read and tried to examine what was described by Joko Susilo in SMUO eBook. Its contents are not "Trash". I believe the eBooks are written by long experience and deep research.

All right, let us return to our main theme for this time, Stop Dreaming Start Action, What really conceived by the fourth word is. Is it just a slogan used to attract some attentions, or there is a deeper meaning that we can take as a lesson.

I'll continue on my next writing. For a while you can read an article that I think deserve to be made as the guidelines (In Bahasa Indonesia):
Stop Dreaming Start Action : Mengurai Makna Dreaming untuk Action
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