Timber Legality Verification System, Steps To Prevent Illegal Logging And Illegal Timber Trade

Thursday, September 03, 2009

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The United States Government positively assess the implementation of Timber Legality Verification System / Sistem Verifikasi Legalitas Kayu (SVLK) as part of Indonesia's efforts to promote legal timber trade.

Assistant of United States Trade Representative (USTR), Mark Linscott, in Jakarta on Wednesday, said, Indonesia has taken important steps to prevent illegal logging and illegal timber trade. These steps include the development of law and regulation tools such as SVLK, he said. Linscott also stated that after the bilateral working group meeting of Indonesia-United States to combat illegal logging.

Moreover, the U.S. government itself has imposed Lacey Act amendments since December 2008 as an effort to prevent illegal logging and illegal timber trade. Although Linscot rates positive the development of legal devices in Indonesia, Linscot still said, "It's too early to tell whether the device (SVLK) which was developed in Indonesia to meet the requirements as regulated in the Lacey Act. Need further analysis for that."

Deforestation Illegal Loging
On the same occasion, Director General of Forest Production Development from Forestry Department, Daryanto, said, SVLK ensure the legality of timber and wood products produced by Indonesia. "Thus, Indonesia's timber products are not expected to be difficult to enter the U.S. market that enact the Lacey Act amendment," he said.

Hadi even see, the implementation of the Lacey Act, increasing export opportunities for Indonesian wood products to the United States. Because, with the enactment of these provisions, countries that used to accommodate many illegal timber from Indonesia and then exported to the United States now will have trouble.

To Certified timber products, Ministry of Forestry through the National Accreditation Committee / Komite Akreditasi Nasional (KAN) accrediting 15 independent assessors agencies, and 1 verification institutions.
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