Indonesia and French Cooperation In Tourism And Hospitality Education

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Indonesia and French education in tourism and hospitality
Indonesia and French explore the higher education cooperation in tourism and hospitality field through the exchange of lecturers, making the program together with a double degree or other post-graduate levels.

Hendarman, The Director of Institutional Cooperation of the Directorate General of Higher Education (DGHE) / Direktur Kelembagaan Ditjen Dikti Depdiknas, said this cooperation was facilitated by Ditjen Dikti Depdiknas, Cultural and cooperation section of French Embassy, and CampusFrance Indonesia.

"The form of this cooperation can be the exchange of teachers and lecturers, double degree, post-graduate and doctoral levels," he explained this week.

According to Hendarman again, on 4 - 9 may 2009, representatives of French higher education institutions started to visit the University of Trisakti, Bina Nusantara, and to a number of universities in Bandung.

After those visits, he said, cooperation can be woven on the recognition of each institution. Hendarman to cite the double degree, according to Regulation of the Ministry of National Education No.26 Year 2007, it must be agreed first the percentage of lectures in both of the universities.

In obtaining diploma, academic degree and / or vocational degree, program of study in the double degree program have a similarity of the burden of the study at least 75% so that there will be recognition of both universities, and then Indonesian students can also enter the global competition.

Dr. Dominique Dubois, Attaché for Scientific Cooperation and Technique of France, on the occasion said that their visits to tourism educational institutions in Indonesia is important, because the tourism sector also has a large impact on the French economy.

Consumption in the tourism sector reached 118 billion euros per year, and this sector spending has a positive number as many as 13 billion euros each year. French residents who travel abroad to spend 27 billion euros, while the tourists who come to France spending more than 40 billion euros.

"Approximately 80 million people visit per year to France as one of the main tourist destinations in the world," he said.

Dominique said tourism industry in French employs 850,000 employees with the presence of 25.000 hotels and 120.000 restaurants with omzet around 17 million euro / year. In the field of education there are 2.2 million students and 260,000 of them are foreign students.
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