Missing Merpati Twin Otter Found By SAR Team

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Twin Otter Merpati Plane CrashSearch And Rescue (SAR) team in Papua, on Tuesday (4 / 8) morning, be on leave from the Sentani Airport, Jayapura, Papua, to Amisibil, Bintang Mountain, to make the evacuation of Merpati's twin otter plane that was missing since sunday. SAR team use the Kamov Helikopter be Piloted by Captain Kim Kwang Su and co-pilot Jung Yeon Woo, accompanied by Observer from the Indonesian Air Force at Jayapura.

Merpati twin otter plane with flight number MZ 9760 D was found in the area Amisibil which is about 3 miles from Oksibil, Bintang Mountains, Papua. According to pilot from Associated Mission Aviation (AMA), Erich Douglas, at around 06.25 WIT he has saw from a distance part of the body of Merpati plane that was fall in the region Amisibil.

"I saw it with my naked eye from a distance, the body of Merpati plane still intact. But that should be seen directly, and proved by the SAR team who will go down to the location of the fall of the plane," he said as quoted by ANTARA News.

Merpati Twin Otter aircraft was lost contact 15 minutes after the departed from Sentani, Jayapura, last sunday. The plane carried three crews, 11 adult passengers, and two babies.
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